How to Meet a Bartender / Waitress Who Every Guy Tries to Pick Up

One of the few opportunities to ask girls out that guys have naturally is the women who work at the established they typically frequent. Usually, this is a waitress at a local restaurant, a bank teller at a local bank branch, a bartender or a coffee barista at a cafe that you go to every day in the morning before work or where you like to study in the evenings. The problem is the perceived competition with all the other many male patrons that you believe stands in the way between you and getting that girl’s interest. You know or might even witness how many other guys try to talk to the girl you are interested in while she is on duty, and you wonder why she would want to date you out of all those other guys. And yet the idea of making a move in that kind of situation seems to be so appealing and so… “natural”, especially in this day and age when more and more people turn to Facebook, Tinder and other online services for dating and there seems to be fewer opportunities to do it the “old” way.

So, how do you go about making a move on that kind of girl who see periodically?

Here a few things you can do to give you an edge over all the other guys who might be hitting on the girl you are interested and that would make you stand out from the rest:

1. Do not talk to her the same way like every other guy.

It’s perfectly fine to skip all the boring biographical questions about where she is from, what school she went to, etc., that every other guys is asking her when trying to chat her up. Just have a normal conversation with her as if you already knew her for a while. Say or ask her something that no one else normally would. Comment on the song that’s playing at the store. Ask her what her favorite dishes at the restaurant are and why. Ask her if customers are generally nice or too many of them are full of themselves or do not treat her right? Ask her about her necklace or her earrings if they look interesting and different. Ask her when was the last time she took vacation and went oversees. Don’t be afraid to be random.

2. Don’t linger around her for hours when you talk to her for the first or second time.

Just because you are the only one at the store or at a cafe or at the bank branch where she is working, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have anything else to do while she is at work. She could be taking a break, making a personal call or doing something else that’s work related. She might be too nice to tell you that, since you are a customer, but you should not taking her away from her work for much longer than would be appropriate for a customer. You can have a fun conversation in under a minute, especially during the first few times that you talk to her. The last thing you want is for her to feel that talking to you might get her in trouble at work.

3. Don’t ask her out too soon after you met her initially.

If you know that she works there regularly, there is no rush and there is no need to ask her out right away as soon as you started talking to her for the fist time. If you have an opportunity to establish some kind of connection, interest and anticipation on her part of going out with you, then use it to your advantage. First, establish that you are an interesting guy who is different from others during your first few conversation with her, make her wonder about you and be interested in what you have to share with her. Make her look forward to your next visit and make her want you to ask her out. This way, the chances of you knowing whether she is interested and the chances of her accepting you invitation to go out will be much higher.

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