Why Waiting to Have Sex Can Be Better for Guys Too

waiting to have sexWomen are often told not to “give it up” and not to sleep with guys too soon, if they want to try to develop any kind of meaningful connection and relationship with that guy. Whether true or not, there is a perception, at least in our society, that sleeping with guys too soon makes a girl appear slutty and “easy” and will pretty much rule out any chance of having a relationship.

However, the benefits of waiting and getting to know a girl better before having sex for a guy are almost never mentioned.  At the same time, every sexually experienced guy knows that not all sex and intimacy is alike. And, all things equal – having sex with someone you have gotten to know and you started really liking is so much better on so many levels than having sex with a woman you barely know and who doesn’t really care about you, just because you find her to be hot. Ironically, this is true regardless of whether you are looking for a serious relationship or whether you just want to play the field and have as much casual sex as possible. Still, the quality of sex will make a difference to you. you have still makes a huge difference to the experiences you are having while playing the field.

Therefore, if you meet a woman you really like at a bar, a cafe, online or wherever else, it might be worth  it for you not to push for sex as soon as humanly possible, like guys often do, but go out with her a few times, get to know each other, build the anticipation of physical closeness, and then go “all the way.” I am not here to tell you to commit to having a certain number of dates before having sex, as I really don’t believe in these types of rules, but I do ask you to consider spending enough time with a woman so that you actually like her as a person before you have sex with her.  If you don’t think that this would matter to you, at the very least, you should try this strategy once or twice with women, so that you can decide based on your own experience whether waiting to have sex a little longer makes a difference to the quality of your sex.

The good news is that waiting to have sex a little longer is easier with the girl whose company you enjoy and who you find interesting and entertaining, rather than spending time with someone who you don’t like, which will turn your dates to situations where you are pretty much serving time before you earn the right to touch her in her mind.

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