Being Called Submissive Is NOT an Insult

submissive womanBeing called a submissive woman has acquired a negative connotation in the past few decades and today – many women, especially in big cities, consider it being called submissive an insult. However, the term has acquired bad reputation for no good reason, and mostly because it has been equated with being called ultra-conservative, weak, subservient, etc. However, the actual definition is simple enough – willing to submit. Nowhere does it say that being submissive means not willing to work or go to school, or not driving or not voting. Being a submissive woman also doesn’t mean staying in the kitchen, or cleaning or sitting with the kids all day. And  not dictionary suggests that being submissive means tolerating disrespectful or violent men.

Willing to submit in the context of dating and relationships means willing to be lead by a man who deserves to, and is capable of, leading. There is no shame whatsoever in submitting to the right guy for the right reasons – because you want to.  In fact, a major part of being a feminine woman is naturally seeking to submit to a great guy who you love and who you want to make happy. And the right guy will surely appreciate it, especially today, when this quality becomes more and more rare among women.

When the guy asks a girl out on a date and says: “What would you like to do?”, and she responds with “Why don’t you make plans for us?” – that’s one typical example of being submissive even before their first date that’s. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and many, if not most, guys would appreciate that kind of attitude very much, especially this day and age, when it is more rare than ever before for a woman to encourage the guy to take charge of a situation. When you tell the guy that you trust him to arrange your date or your dinner plans or your vacation plans, you make him feel like a man and it’s very flattering.

Enjoying being courted by having the guy holding doors for you, pulling up your chair at a restaurant, caring your heavy bag, or putting his coat over your shoulders when it gets cold, carrying the umbrella above your had when it’s raining and other, typical gentlemanly gestures are all part of being at least somewhat submissive in one way or another. This is because you are accepting some kind of help from the guy you are with. A masculine man  who knows how to take charge enjoys doing all of the above things as much as you enjoy receiving them or even more. This has been a part of being an attentive and romantic male for hundreds if not thousands of years, and this will never go out of style.

In bed, you are submissive when you enjoy having your hair pulled and being handled a little rougher than what is typically expected. As you are thrown on the bed, on the kitchen table or against the wall in the heat of passion, you moan with great pleasure because you enjoy the idea of your guy wanting you so badly that he craves your body so much, because he can barely wait to penetrate you. You love the idea of seeing that desire in his eyes and you want to pleasing him sexually.

Finally, being a submissive woman doesn’t mean that you have to submit 100% of the time. Most dominant guys also love to be dominated. They are turned om by the idea of being dominated by a woman in one or more creative ways, especially sexually, so don’t be surprised when the guy you are with, who you are used to thinking of as a leader in and outside bed, tells you in so many words that he wants you to put him in his place. It might mean that he has been fantasizing about you sitting on his face, or dressing up like you were the boss or verbally dominating him by teasing him or acting like you are in charge.


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02/02/2016 6:06 am

I wasn’t insulted at all. A submissive woman has boundaries.

02/02/2016 1:05 pm
Reply to  StarsCollide

Of course. Submissive is not the same as subservient. There is plenty of space for moderation between being “in yo face” business woman and being in the kitchen all day. And by the way, the latter is also not always a bad thing. It really depends on why you are doing it.

Last edited 1 month ago by practicalh
02/17/2024 7:54 pm
Reply to  practicalh

What do you mean “and in the kitchen all days.” We are not in the 1700s-1900s, so why are you talking about women being in kitchens? Women nowadays are strong and independent.