Why You Are More Attractive to Women When You Are Dating Someone You Really Like

(Last Updated On: 02/25/2014)

attracting women when you are not singleMost guys have experienced the difference in the response they get from women around them when they are dating someone they like or when they are in love v when they are single and/or feel alone and lonely. But have you ever asked yourself what really is the reason that you seem to be more attractive to women when you are already dating someone? And why does life seem to be so unfair – why do you get more attention from women when you are already someone?

The answer to these questions is as simple as it is undeniable. Single guys who are not meeting or dating anyone are naturally angrier at women. They have resentment built inside of them toward the opposite sex, which serves as a defense mechanism, helping their them rationalize their failure at meeting and attracting women.  “I am single because all the women are fat, or stuck up, or feminists, or materialistic.” In turn, this kind of attitude affects your demeanor, the kind of energy you project toward the outside and it necessarily translates into unattractive behavior with women. Treating women like some kind of enemy that needs to be beaten at a game or conquered is not the way to make any woman become interested in you or develop romantic feelings for you.  This is why I tend to believe that the manosphere hurts men’s dating life more than helps, however well written and entertaining the manosphere writers might be. On the other hand, a guy who is excited about the girl he is dating now is generally happier, and that better attitude comes through in his interactions with other women. He is not angry at women or his life because he is actually dating someone he is interested in. This makes him radiate a more attractive energy which is noticed by other women, or at the very least his behavior and attitude do not turn women off.

Ironically, there seems to be no better way to overcome your negative attitude toward women, which prevents you from meeting and attracting women, than by actually starting to slowly learn how to become better at meeting and dating women.  Even though this might sound like some kind of vicious circle, where you don’t know what comes first – your negative attitude toward women or your mediocre dating/sex life, breaking out of it by slowly starting to learn how to approach and meet women in real life or online and going on dates will help you a lot in overcoming those negative emotions of hostility toward women that make it harder for you to make a connection with them.

Often, getting attention and positive feedback from even just one woman, and seeing how one girl becomes interested and attracted to you will cure most of your negative attitude toward women, because it will suggest to you (and rightfully so) that if there is one woman out there who likes you, there must be more women out there who will be interested in you.

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