• Vinto

    You are saying that the guy is playing games if he waits more than 2 to 3 days to call her in most situations. What you fail to realize is that she is also playing a game too, by not even calling him. If she was not playing any games, she would be initiating the first phone call 50 percent of the time. You women, already have the upper hand. Why can’t guys level out the playing field. You got it backwards … you are the one that’s playing the game … if you are interested in him, you can call him as well. He deserves to be treated like a prince, just as much as you deserve to be treated like a princess. Yeah, it also feels good for us to be called too. For a guy to call a week later is much better than the girl to never call. Think about that.

    • practicalhappiness.com

      Many, if not most, women believe that part of being a “real” man is taking a leadership in those small and significant ways that make him come across as the one who is taking charge. This includes making a move and approaching a woman, getting her phone number and being the one who calls first. It is simply not a woman’s role to initiate the first call 50% of the time. Equality can be a great thing, but when it comes to gender dynamics in the very early stages of dating, striving for equality can have more downsides than benefits. Men and women are not built equally. We are fundamentally different in more ways than one, and therefore expecting equality might not be the right way to go.

  • Anonymous

    Can women call first? Yes. Do some call first? Sure they do. But answer this how many women have you been truly interested chased you are called you first? This has nothing to do with equality. It has to do with the dynamics of how men/women are built eons ago. Men are hunters by nature. This whole I want a woman to pursue me thing yada yada yada feels good. So yes if you are simply looking for a good time then sure you might come across a woman who will pursue you. But I am almost certain when you are at a stage when you are looking for a actual partner for life it wont be a woman who went after you.

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