Are You Guilty Of Having Unattractive Body Language On Dates?

unattractive body language on datesHere is a classic example of unattractive body language that I see men having all the time on dates. Upright, stiff posture, arms tightly folded in front and placed on the table as close to his body as possible. While this might no be what makes or breaks the date, it is certainly unflattering and it says all the wrong things about the guy, whether true or not. This type of body language on a date says: “I am uncomfortable, nervous and closed off. I have no intention of being playful or flirting any time soon, and I am well on my way toward friends zone.” The same applies to holding hands off the table and on your lap. This usually looks just as weak and unattractive.

So, what should this guy do? – Unfold his arms, relax them and put them on the table in a more natural way, and lean back or forward a little, and not be so symmetrical as if it was a business meeting or a job interview.


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