Does This Common Texting Mistake With Women Push Them Away from You?

common texting mistake with womenOne of the more common texting mistakes guys make with women is as simple as it is fatal to developing any kind of romantic interest in a woman. And that mistake it this: dragging her into an extending texting exchange about nothing. This will turn you sooner than later into nothing other than a nuisance and a less than perfect distraction.

Consider the following very common scenario – you meet a girl while out, you really like her, and she really likes you. You can’t wait to talk to her again and see her. You call or text her the next day. She texts you right back. You are excited that she gets back to you so quickly and doesn’t take forever to respond like many others, and it just reassures you that she is interested in you as well. You start texting back and forth without any kind of delay on and on. At first it’s exciting, but after some time it will start getting tiring. From being that interesting guy she met, you are turning into her texting buddy. She can’t help but assume consciously or subconsciously that there is not much going on in your life, if you can text at any time non-stop and without delay, and that you can text back immediately during business hours or during the weekend “primetime” when everyone is out. Whether she wants it or not, she will start losing interest you. While non-stop texting might not necessarily be a deal breaker, it certainly doesn’t flatter you¬† – it doesn’t make you look like someone you should be – interesting and busy with doing something fun or important or both.

What should you do instead?

Send a¬†few text messages, then call her¬†and ask her out. From then on¬†simply don’t text as much. I am not suggesting that you should play mind¬†games and deliberately not reply to a girl’s text messages, but you don’t have to¬†glue to your phone. If it takes you a few hours to respond, she will understand. ¬†And, of course, the best way to accomplish¬†this is not to hold your phone in your hands or in front of you, as if it was some kind of life¬†support device, at all times. If you are out with friends, put your phone away. This is the time when your personal attention should be given to them anyway. If you are at work, focus on whatever you working on, finish it, and then send a few text messages. In other words, don’t let the text messages control your life or your schedule. Send the text messages on your own terms unless it’s urgent.

This doesn’t mean that you have to leave people hanging in the middle of an exchange either. It’s perfectly appropriate¬†to cut the exchange short and text “I am sorry, I have to go, but I will call you later… tonight (or tomorrow).” This won’t make you look rude or unresponsive, but it will make it look like there is more to your life than texting. And, hopefully that’s actually true and you have other things to do besides texting.

And for more important texting tips, make sure you are familiar with the five basic texting rules with girls.

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07/05/2013 7:47 pm

Good advice.

Remember, face time is the only time that matters. All electronic contact should aim for face time. A few jokes and an interesting note is fine, but only so she will be more interested in going out with you.

student and teacher
student and teacher
02/24/2013 10:28 pm

yeah, i agree.

dont text her everyday unless you two become close. theres no reason why someone should stop what they're doing to check or reply to a text message 27/7, from a stranger they just met 2 days ago.