How to Let Your Femininity Shine Early On

cooking and femininityIt’s not a secret that men are attracted to women who are feminine on just about any fundamental level – biologically, physiologically and sexually, and of course in their basic behavior and social interactions with others. Every little action and mannerism from a woman’s movement, her voice, the way she moves her hair, sits down, eats and does just about anything else makes her more or less feminine to a guy.  Femininity is probably the single most attractive quality in a woman from a man’s perspective. And in this day and age, when so many women try to become tougher and be or at least act less feminine, femininity is a more rare and precious commodity than ever before.

There is one simple yet powerful way in which you can impress upon a guy that you recently met and who you like that you are feminine and probably more feminine that the vast majority of women he has been meeting, especially if you live in a larger western metropolitan area. After a few dates, send him the following e-mail or text message: “I would like for you to come one evening next week, so I can cook / make dinner.”

How often do you think a guy hears something like that from a woman he recently met? I assure you that not often, or hardly ever.  This simple invitation to eat a meal that you will cook for him is so simple and yet it has such a great impact. It says so many attractive things about you – you know how to cook, you don’t mind cooking for a guy, and you enjoy pleasing your potential partner by extending this basic but powerful gesture. This also means that you are not rebelling against basic traditional values, and you don’t consider cooking for a guy to be something degrading or humiliating to you sense of self-worth as a woman. You are confident enough in your value that you do not not feel the need to assert your independence by abandoning something as basic as cooking for the guy you find attractive and would like to develop a more meaningful relationship with. This doesn’t mean that you have to buy very rare and expensive ingredients or spend hours cooking in order to woo him. Even a very simple meal, made and served by you will have that impact.

Above all, you are secure enough to know that cooking for someone you like does not make you subservient or less intelligent.

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