Should Competition Discourage You From Making a Move on Someone You Are Interested In?

It’s hard for many of us to go out and see so many attractive people out there all competing over the members of the opposite sex and continue believing that we have what it takes to meet and attract them, and not let them slip away and be with someone else, who might be more desirable to them for one reason or the other. We can’t help but wonder – why that very cute girl or that very handsome, successful guy would want to be with us, when there are so many other, more attractive candidates? What’s the point of trying  if the competition when it comes to meeting people and dating is so seemingly brutal?

Although this kind of thinking about dating and competition among the members of your own sex makes some sense, the good news is that the competition should never be your excuse for not taking your dating life in your own hands and not doing the best you can when it comes to finding love and romance. Competition should not be an obstacle to making a move when the time and the circumstances are right.

I believe that analogizing dating to business and marketing can be very useful in explaining why you should not worry about competition when it comes to dating. Go ahead and open your local yellow pages. I bet you will find listings of hundreds, if not thousands, of lawyers, doctors, accountants and other professionals. If you were at a stage of your life where you had to choose the area of work that you were going to get into, you might have asked yourself – why even bother and become a doctor/lawyer or any other professional if there are thousands of them out there already? However, when you call any of those professionals, you will soon find out that many of them are booked weeks in advance and they have more work than they can handle, while some others – don’t have enough work. This must mean that competition is not as big of a threat as it might at first seem, especially those who offer a good / exceptional work or service. This is because one of the good things about business and capitalism is that if you have something of high quality to offer, then there will be a demand for it regardless of the competition out there.

The most recent history of technology, for instance, clearly proves that when you bring something new and better to the table, it is only a matter of time until it will be recognized, no matter how fierce the competition in that field is. For instance, when Facebook started their campaign, a big shark has already occupied the sea – Myspace. And yet that didn’t discourage Facebook from going forward and developing their community. Today, just a few years later – Facebook seems to get much more respect due to how it managed to distinguish itself from other social networking sites, despite all the competition out there, and Myspace has been obviously pushed to the sidelines. Just a few years ago, Yahoo and MSN were the dominant search engines. Who would have thought that anyone could displace them, until Google appeared and took almost their entire search business.

The same rule applies to dating – if you have something interesting to offer – something special and something exceptional that most other guys don’t have – be it a great sense of humor, interesting thoughts or observations, plans, hopes, ambitions, skills, and charisma – you will be ahead of the game. If you work on and build a more attractive personality, better style, better writing skills, if you work out and work on eliminating negative qualities such as bad temper, jealousy, control and possessiveness, the higher quality of your personality will be recognized and appreciated by the opposite sex no matter how many others around you are trying to find a dating/relationship partner. This is because most people out there, no matter where you go, do not have something special to offer.

A great guy will stand out in a woman’s eyes, whether he is one of 10 or one of a 100 in the same room. A beautiful woman with a great personality to match will stand out from all the other attractive women who come across as stuck up. unapproachable,  and bitchy / high-maintenance, and no degree of competition will change that.

So, don’t worry about competition when it comes to meeting people, making a move on someone you are interested in and dating in general. There is no reason and it doesn’t help worrying about it, as there isn’t much you can do about your “competitors”. However, there is a lot you can do to make yourself stand out from the rest in subtle yet significant ways.

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