How to Respond to a Woman’s Empty Dating Profile

responding to a woman's empty dating profileResponding to a woman’s online dating profile is particularly challenging when she does not say much about herself or doesn’t say anything at all and only posts pictures. Some guys would say, and for a valid reason, that it’s not even worth writing to woman who didn’t bother to write at least something about herself, but this isn’t always true, because different women don’t bother writing anything about themselves for different reasons.

There are girl who don’t really care about meeting anyone online and are only there because they are bored or out of sheer curiosity. Other women think that guys don’t read their profiles and only look at pictures anyway, so why even bother.¬†¬†This doesn’t mean that these women are as boring or as empty as the text box of their profile is, although that’s a possibility. The challenge is responding to that kind of profile, if you are interested in the girl, in a way that would compel her to write back.

The good news is that women who don’t write a lot on their page get the worst e-mails from guys. Between generic, uninteresting messages and¬†inappropriate, sexually explicit come-ons from guys referencing how hot the girl looks in her photos, she hardly ever gets a meaningful message, worth responding to. That’s where you can have the edge. ¬†If you write a message that actually says something relevant and different, however simple it might be, it will likely make you stand out very much from every other guy who wrote to her so far. However, since you don’t know much about the woman from her profile, there is only so much you can say. So, what do you write?

One great way to start your message in this case is by addressing just that – the fact that she didn’t write much or didn’t write anything at all on her page. ¬†Your first message could be as simple as that:¬†“Hey there. You don’t say much about yourself on your page, but… I guess it’s better than saying too much like so many other people do on here, who seem to love to brag about how wonderful, accomplished and honest they are. Well, I am sure you know what I mean and you probably read your fair share of profiles that looked like promotional pamphlets. But, enough about them. How about you – how are you spending these days and evenings?” or something along those lines.

Here are some other things you can talk about in your initial messages. If one or more of her pictures seem to be taken at some exotic location, take a guess of where it was taken and ask her how far off you are. If you recognize the location, tell her that you have been there, what you liked about it and what you didn’t like about it, and ask her when she went there and how she liked it.

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  1. Thanks. I am sure there are great women out there who don't care to put too much thought into their profile for the reasons mentioned in the article above, so if she looks attractive in the picture, and doesn't have a dumb look in her face, it might be worth writing. You never know who that person is behind the pictures.

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