Eye Contact with Women – Your Main Weapon of Attraction

eye contact with womenMost guy “lose” in their endeavors of approaching and meeting women way before they actually make a move. It all starts with the eye contact! Just think of the typical reality of an attractive, single woman who is interested in meeting men. Wherever she goes, she knows and feels that guys are checking her out and some do it in the most obvious ways. However, whenever she looks them in the eye, these guys turn their eyes away feeling guilty and embarrassed about looking at those women and break any eye contact immediately. This happens over and over, and creates an impression in a woman that almost no guy has the confidence to have a strong eye contact with women and the guts to look at and go after what he wants – not even with his eyes.

This is great news for you! Because now you know that you can stand out easily and conspicuously from most other guys with your eye contact. You know that you are going to surprise those girls who expect to have a guy look away when they look him in the eye by maintaining a strong, confident, yet friendly and non-threaterning eye contactwith them. These women are going to know right away that you are a different from the vast majority of other guys and a much more confident guy when you look them in the eye, and then smile and waive at them, saying “How is it going?” without making a big deal out of it.

Surely, developing this ability to maintain eye contact with women and not look away or down will take time. The habit of looking away is many years old for most men and it will take some work and patience to abandon it. But with time and conscious effort to maintain a strong yet friendly eye contact with women, it will become your second nature. This doesn’t mean that you should be staring at women in a creepy way from underneath your eye-brows. There is a big difference between maintaining a confidence eye contact by looking a girl in the eye without acting like you are embarrassed by it or feel like you are doing anything wrong, and looking like stalker

And remember, you have nothing to be embarrassed about when you look a woman in the eye. It’s perfectly fine that you find er attractive. If that woman is not bright enough or too uptight to recognize and accept your male nature, and take it as a compliment, it’s her problem; not yours.

Eye contact with women is one of the most powerful weapons of flirting and attraction that you have at your disposal as both, a male and a human being. It always has been and it always will be. Make sure you know how to use it and you use it to your advantage. This doesn’t mean that you should be staring at every woman like you have never seen a female in your life before or making inappropriate, disrespectful comments to women while staring like some guys do, who don’t know any better, do. But you should look a woman in the eye as if you were proud of liking what you see and showing it to her and not a bit embarrassed of it. After all, as I pointed out in many other articles and programs, you should be proud, and not ashamed, of your interest, and therefore – your eye contact with women is a nice gesture of attention to them and a compliment, and not an insult. And if some women take it as an insult – it’s their problem; not yours.

I suspect that as meeting people online becomes more and more prevalent, and as we spend more and more time starting at our phones while texting and not looking at each other, our ability to make and maintain eye contact will diminish. After all, the if-you-don’t-use-it-you-lose-it applies to eye contact as much as to anyone else. However, as a man – you must not allow your ability to make eye contact die out, as this ability allow you to do one of the most exciting things that a man can experience in his life – lock eyes with the right girl at the right time and make a move.

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  1. It meant never to break the eye contact first. Maintain it. Let her break the eye contact first. If you guys manage to last at least 3-5 second of eye contact, she is inviting you to appoarch her in a way. Indicator of interest.

  2. I don’t understand. Of course we look away. We look away from men too. The only people we don’t necessarily turn away from are little kids. It is a law of body language. Think about it. Suppose you notice somebody regard you, and you return their look. Now, somebody has to break this eye-lock eventually. If you look away before they do, they have effectively stared you down. So no, if a woman catches you looking at her, you are obliged to avert your eyes, if only for a moment; otherwise you give off an invasive vibe. Or is it this very hostility that is so sexy?

    Perhaps if a man is checking out a woman’s body, and she looks at him, then he respond by looking in her eyes. But that’s another kettle of fish.

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