Three Tips for Writing a Better Dating Profile

(Last Updated On: 08/15/2016)

writing better dating profileObviously, your online dating profile is your first chance to make the best impression on other members of that dating site who you would like to meet. No matter how attractive your pictures are, if your words sound cliche or downright stupid, it will be a turn-off to those people who have been around and who are picky enough because they are looking to meet someone special, who has something special to offer.  Having a clear, well-written, and interesting dating profile that doesn’t simply repeat what every other profile says will set you apart from other members of your online dating site who do not put the same effort into it. Better online dating profiles attract more interest from other singles at the dating site and quality profiles also elicit more responses and inquiries. Writing a better online dating profile is not as easy as some people think, but it’s also not a rocket science, and learning how to write a profile that will make you come across as an attractive, interesting person is certainly worth the effort. Here are three simple but effective things you can do to write a better dating profile, and attract and more and better dating prospects:

1. Start with an interesting or engaging headline. The first item anyone who views your profile will see, in addition to your photo (which we’ll get to later), is your dating ad headline. So make your headline interesting and different enough, so that the person reading it will want to know more about you and continue onto the rest of your dating profile. You can make your headline funny, or unusual, but remember to keep it unique. An engaging headline that is also unique will stand out from all others and will make the reader believe that you are an interesting person who is a witty and fun company to be around. “Steer clear from the ordinary” or “My brains are even sexier…”  are so much better than something as typical and cliché as “Looking for Mr. Right” or “Looking for a needle in a haystack”

2. Keep your profile relatively short but not too short. No one likes to read long essays with too much information about your past, your family background, and all the other stuff that you will have plenty of time to discuss if and when you meet in person. The more concise your profile is, the more compelling it will be to the reader. Say just enough to expose some parts of the way you think and perceive the word.  Don’t ramble on about insignificant matters or anything that a person reading your profile may not be interested in, especially since they do not know you yet. And of course, don’t start your profile with redundant, overused introductions such as “I am not good at talking about myself,” “This is first time I am doing this and I am not sure what to write…” etc. Such introduction do nothing but “diluting” your profile, making it less compelling and less captivating to the reader.

3. Use good, recent, flattering photos. There is nothing worse that showing up to meet the person you met online to only see them roll their eyes with disappointment when they find out that you look very different and are not nearly as attractive as you presented yourself on the photo. Make sure that the photo/s in your profile fairly and reasonably accurately represent what you look like. Don’t misrepresent your age and your height as it will necessarily backfire later when the person you meet finds out the truth. And remember, when it comes to online dating – you are as physically attractive as your worst photo.

So, in addition to understanding how to choose the right online dating site , knowing how to write a better online dating profile is another great way to improve your online dating odds of success. Keep the three tips above in mind when you are writing a new or improving your existing online dating profile, and you will see that a little effort will go a long way in getting more responses to your online dating profile and, ultimately, getting you more dates.

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