Should You Be Loud in Bed with Him?

woman loud in bedThere has been this joke going around a few years ago:

– Why do women fake orgasms?

– Because they think that men care.

This joke has never been funny to me and primarily because it’s so untrue. Guys care very much about whether they are with a girl who has orgasms. Nothing is more disappointing than finding out that the girl you with lacks in the sexual fire department. Sometimes, a woman might be lacking in passion for biological or genetic reasons. Others have a traumatic past or certain psychological issues that stand in their way of opening up more sexually. But if you are a passionate woman – if you are capable of feeling great, sharp physical pleasure while having sex, and you feel like being loud in bed and screaming – don’t hold back. Scream away. Every guy will find this extremely flattering, and it will make his sexual experience with you all the more exciting and satisfying. Seeing that he pleases you that much will make the guy you are with feel better about himself too, of course, as he is going to think that he is that great in bed. That will turn him on even more. Contrary to what you might think, being quiet in bed and just laying there like a zombie is not “safe”. It’s disappointing to the guy who tries to make experience ecstatic pleasure. And the more he likes you, the more he wants to please you, which means the more disappointed he will be when he thinks he didn’t.

You don’t have to fake it, or overdo it by being louder than you really want to be. Just be as loud in bed as you want to be – not more and not less. When you act in bed in a way that’s congruent with how you feel, it will make your own experience in bed all the more complete as well.

Of course, if you live in an apartment building or a condo, some neighbors will not appreciate what they hear, and you might get a few dirty looks from them here and there, but let them judge you. Don’t forget – most likely they are just jealous, because many of them wish that they felt or were capable of feeling what you do.

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