Should You Be Giving Your Business Card To A Woman Who You Are Interested In?

giving business cards to womenGiving business cards to the women who you are interesting in going out and getting to know romantically is an impersonal, unattractive and arguably lame move for several reasons:

1. Giving Out Your Business Card to a Girl You Are Interested In is Tacky and Impersonal

Many women will mentally roll their eyes and think “Who does this guy think he is? Why is he giving me his business card? I am not calling him”. These are the type of thoughts that the more experience women are especially likely to have . These are the same women who have been meeting guys and dating for a while, and who figured out what they like and what turns them off in men from the very first moment they meet a guy. They know, like you should, that there is no place for business cards in an interaction which is supposed to be personal and which should have some hint of effort on the guy’s part to put his ego on the line and open up. ¬†Giving your business card to a woman might suggest to her that you are full of yourself, or that you are only interested in doing business with her, or that you are too much of a p-ssy to not beat around the bush and make your interest a little more clear. And, that’s not the impression you want to make of course, especially if you are interesting in meeting and getting the attention of the ¬†classy, quality women¬†. These are the same women who know what’s up, and who expect a certain level of masculine behavior from the guy who is talking to them.

2. Giving Your Business Card Instead of Asking for Her Number is a Turn-Off Because It’s a Passive Move Which Does Not Show Confidence

Secondly,¬†it’s generally not a good idea to give out your number and you should always try to get the girl’s number instead, because most girls, even if they are interested in a guy, will not want to be the one calling first. Despite the equal rights movement, feminism etc… most women still want the guy to call them, ask them out and do the initial courtship. Women still believe (and rightfully so) that it’s¬†the guy’s job to call, and they want to know that he is the one who makes the first move because he wants to see them and he is truly intersted. Giving out your phone number instead of asking for a number shows your lack of understanding of these basic dynamics between the sexes. Also, giving your number is an inherently less confident move than asking for a number, because when you do the latter, you make yourself vulnerable. Many women will be turned-off by the fact that you expect them to call you, as they will consider it to be way too presumptive of you, thinking “Who does that guy think he is?”

3. The Vast Majority of Will Not Call You Even If They Say They Will

You might face a situation where you ask for a girl’s number, and she would say in response: “How about you give me your number instead”. Giving her your number is a bad idea. Even if she is interested and would like to talk to you, she will naturally have a hard time calling you, because… that’s just how women are. You may wonder – if she knows she is not going to call, why would she ask me for my number anyway? This is a logical question that might not have a logical answer. This is just a typical female behavior of not being sure whether she wants to talk to you or not at that very moment, and preferring to take your number so that she can be the one who can decide whether she wants to talk to you and when. ¬†therefore she would rather take the pressure off the situation of taking your number, instead of , but the answer is not surprising. However, the only appropriate “alpha” response to her asking you for your number should be something along the lines of: “Sorry, I am a little old school, and I truly believe a gentleman should be calling the lady”.¬†If she still doesn’t give you her tel number, then you know you can safely move on without wasting any more time.

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