Is Going Out Solo To Meet Women Better Than Being In A Group of Friends

going out solo to meet womenSome guys in the PUA community suggest that going out solo to meet women is better than doing this in a group of friends. I, however, cannot see how going out alone would be better for talking to and meeting women than going out with  one or more good friends who are supportive and who generally have good energy. The three major advantages of having one or more wing men make the idea of going out with a group of friends so much more compelling:

1. A Higher Value In a Group v Weirdo Perception of Being Out Alone   

Although this is different from one community to another and even from one culture to another, you will often be perceived as a weirdo if you are out by yourself. People around you will be wondering if the reason you are out by yourself is because either you don’t have friends or something else is wrong with you. Very few people are out alone, and when you are it’s noticeable. Also, your behavior when you are out alone makes you less attractive. Unless you have that rare kind of confidence where you just walk into a room and start talking to people, you will otherwise look either bored or sad or even lost.  On the other hand, when you are out with a group of guys, especially if they are reasonably attractive, stylish and know how to carry themselves, your social value goes up automatically. And if your group of friends also includes women, your social value goes that much higher. From a woman’s perspective, there must be something interesting about you if you have such friends.

2. It’s So Much Easier to Approach Women When You Are Not Doing It Alone

Have you ever tried to approach two or more girls with your own friends? If so, then you know that any fear of approaching and any other obstacles are shared between all of you, and therefore it makes the tasks of coming up to girls so much easier. You are not in it alone. When you come up to girls with a group of your own friends it’s not just you talking to one girl. That interaction is shared, which takes so much pressure off of you and off the whole situation. It is also more fun for everyone – for your friends and for all the girls involved.

Also, when you approach a group of women at a bar/lounge with your own group of guys, you don’t need any pick up lines or anything special to say. All you need to say is “Hey guys – would you like to join our table?” I have seen this work so many times. While what you do and say after that will make all the difference, if the girls agree to come up and sit at your table, at the very least it means that they are single and are open to meeting and talking to guys, which is obviously a good start.

3. When You Are In a Group You Automatically Have Options  

In a way, approaching a group of girls with a group of your own friends is like “Table for Six”. You will probably be talking a little bit with every girl. It would be rude not to.  Eventually it will become somewhat clear to you and to other guys whether there is mutual interest between you and one of the girls. In effect, it’s like approaching and trying your luck with several girls at the same time without really hitting on them and without making them feel any pressure. You are just talking to everyone and so do they.

The only major downside of going out with friends is if they are cock blockers. However, a friend who is a clock blocker is probably not a good friend and his behavior with women who you are interested in is just one sign and one red flag of his lack of basic loyalty and male respect, which you should consider when deciding whether it’s worth having friendship at all.

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  1. So true. Going out by yourself is so hard and who does that anyway. I never see anyone out except people who are out of town or older guys who look creepy when they are just standing in the middle of hte room and staring at everyone around them….

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