Great Starbucks Openers (Guest Article)

flirting-at-starbucksI think most guys who frequent at Starbucks and alike establishments can “benefit” from the new set up these stores have and specifically from the introduction of the so-called communal tables. If there is a girl sitting at the same table, there can be plenty of opportunities and ways to start a conversation wither. When you share a table at Starbucks and you read or work on your computer, and the girl who sits at the same table studies as well, anything to start a conversation is good enough. Since you are both sitting there and presumably will be there for a while, you don’t need to try to sweep her off her feet by saying something very special. Instead, in that kind of situation you are much better off saying something simple and plain but sooner than later, instead of sitting around and thinking of something ultra creative to say and making things harder and more awkward on yourself. 

For instance, go to the restroom and ask her to watch your stuff while you are away. When you come back, thank her and immediately follow up to ask her what she is studying or reading. If she seems unfriendly and too anxious to get back to what she is doing, then leave it there and don’t bother her for a while, and then try to strike up a conversation again. If she is still uncomfortable and clearly not interested in talking, then leave her alone. You know you tried, and … no harm done. On the other hand, if she elaborates a little bit on what she is reading, then go ahead and develop a conversation from there. What made her pick that book up? Who recommended it? How does she like it so far? Briefly mention a book that you recently read and really liked and ask her if she read it or heard of it.

Since she is busy and you don’t want to distract her for hours, if your conversation goes well – talk for about 15-20 minutes, then tell her that it would be nice to see her again, ask for her number, tell her that it was nice meeting her, and then excuse yourself and leave.

And if there are other people at the table, don’t worry about them. For the purposes of your conversation with the girl, pretend like they are not there. They are not really an obstacle. They see and feel what you feel when you observe someone else strike up a conversation so boldly. They admire you and they are a bit jealous at the same time.

If you can recommend great Starbucks openers that you actually used and which worked for you, do share with the follow readers by commenting below.

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