How to Approach and Meet Girls at a School Library

how to meet girls at a computer lab at a school librarySuppose you are sitting at a computer lab at your school’s library. ¬†So, you sit down and work, and there is this attractive girl sits next to you and is also working on¬†her¬†computer. You want to start a conversation with her, but you are not quite sure how to break the ice and you have no idea whatsoever what to say in order to start a conversation with her.

Here is one, simple and very effective library pick up that can really help in this very common situation. This is an actual transcript of the entire conversation between one of my students and a girl when at a computer lab in his school ( I was sitting next to my student on the other side and typing what they were saying to each other as they were talking, while pretending that I was doing my own work):

He (after sitting down for a few minutes and typing next to this cute girl): Excuse me?
She: Yes?
He: It looks like you are watching a movie on the computer.
She: (chuckling) I wish it was nearly that exciting…
He: well, what is it then? (glancing over to her screen)
She: Oh, it’s just this stupid paper I have to submit by tomorrow.
He: Aren’t you a procrastinator! (smirk) What is it about – can I see?
She: No… no, it’s too embarrassing.
He: Oh, come on. Now you got me all curious…
She: It’s very personal and I would rather not share it with strangers
He: I don’t see any strangers around her… (smiling).
She: what are you then?
He: Good question, my name is Kenny. What’s your name?
She: Gabbie
He: nice to meet you, Gabbie. Hey, speaking of being strangers…. I gotta run, but… perhaps we could talk sometime and … not be such strangers anymore????
She: sure… do you have a messenger?
He: (chuckling) Do I look like a guy who uses a messenger?
She: What do you mean?
He: What I mean is that I like your voice and I would much rather hear your voice rather than use IM.
She: I see.
He: How can I reach you by phone in the evenings?
She: Let me write down my number for you.
He: Cool. Nice meeting you. I will talk to you soon.

So, as you see, the ice-breaker in this case is “It looks like you are watching a movie” As with any other ice-breaker, the delivery is crucial. You must sound relax and make it look like it’s not a big deal at all for you to start a conversation with someone who is sitting next to you, and really it shouldn’t be a big deal, especially when your conversation starter is so simple and innocent.

Granted, this ice-breaker won’t work every single¬†time. The girl¬†might be very¬†busy or stressed out¬†by whatever she is working on, she might be tired, or¬†her mind might be quite far away from talking to anyone. She might even be annoyed by being interrupted, but in most cases, you¬†will be able to tell quickly whether she wants to continue talking to you or whether you are facing a dead end in that conversation.¬†¬†If, however, the girl is single, available and is able to talk,¬†this simple comment can open a good conversation that can go into all kinds of interesting directions from there on.

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11 years ago

you have to be very confident to say something like "hope you are not watching porn over there"..that will come across very odd to the girl..

at first instant she will think "ok, this guy is WEIRD, talking about porn."

especially off the bat if you say something like that, no matter how confident you are, it will freak most girls out, u'll come across as a weirdo.


11 years ago

<del datetime="2012-11-23T08:39:44+00:00">its better if you start with something like "do they have printers here? " or something technical like that. would be more beleivable..and u can build conversation from there.

conversations like above rarely happen..not in UK anyway

13 years ago

This a great article, again a very clever little line. I also realize that it's not really about the line but more about that way of thinking.

I think many times when very effective and successful guys like you give examples like that, guys reading it take it a kinda formula, which they say and then they get the girl.

But it's more of an example reflecting a different way of thinking and interacting with girls. Do you have any other kind of examples in this kind of setting, or like if you are reading a book in library next to a hot girl, ie you are not supposed to talk?