What Makes A Great Dating Profile Picture

great online dating profile pictureAfter discussing the bad online dating profile photos that women post, I wanted to share an example of one dating profile picture that I consider to be very good, and discuss the specific reasons what makes this photo so attractive and so appropriate to attach to an online dating profile, besides the obvious reason that the woman is very attractive:

1. Sexy, not trashy.

This photo makes it clear that this woman is attractive and she has a great body, but at the same time it doesn’t make her look trashy. She doesn’t show too much skin.¬†Her stance is mildly seductive without being in any way overly suggestive or provocative.

2. Facial expression – positive without being over-the-top.

This girl seems to have a normal, non-exaggerated, natural looking smile. Her face doesn’t suggest any kind of arrogance¬†or¬†“I am the hottest thing you laid your eyes on ever” attitude and she doesn’t do duck lips or anything equally lame.

3. A simple photo that draws attention to the girl and not the background.

Many women make the mistake of posting too many photos where they are snowboarding or where they are hanging off the cliff of a rock in Africa. Some women don’t even post one photo where the guys could actually see up close how they look. Having a boring/abstract photo¬†background is actually a good idea, as it draws more attention to you. Remember, you are posting pictures on a dating site and not¬†discovery channel or animal planet.


Keep the above three simple tips in mind to make sure that you put up pictures on your dating profile that actually flatter you. And if you need an inspiration for writing a great dating¬†profile that will attract the attention of quality guys,¬†check out¬†our “Powerful Online Dating Profiles” guide.

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7 years ago

I wil keep these in mind.