Two Tips for Women for Overcoming Online Dating Fatigue

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  1. Dating sties are a great resource of meeting women, but you need to know who to write and how to write to get their attention, in additional to writing and interesting, compelling and intriguing profile. Without it, your messages get lost in a sea of other generic messages that girls are inundated with.

  2. Of course. So many guys complain that they don’t get any responses from women, but it’s usually their fault. Bad photos, ridiculous or boring profiles and lame first messages to women will not bring any good results.

  3. There are plenty of quality women online as well. If a girl has a well written, interesting profile, that’s already a good start and a good sign that she might be one of them.

  4. Ronnie, my advice to you is to stay out of bars and stay “off”line if you want to meet a lady of quality.

  5. OK, I give up. You do it!

  6. @Ronnie – This makes no sense at all. A girl can be meeting guys in the real world and online at the same time, like many of them do. Once she meets someone she really likes and connects, (assuming she is emotionally available) it won’t matter if she met him/her online or otherwise. There are plenty of attractive, professional, and otherwise accomplished women who are looking for love online for all kinds of reasons, including being fed up with the bar scene, or wanting to expand the circle of the guys they meet. Like anything else, online dating is what you make of it. Good luck.

  7. OK, there are a lot of websites out there that are fronts for promoting dating websites. I have been through all this and believe me, it is a waste of time. Try to picture a scenario. You go to a bar or nightclub and an absolutely gorgeous girl of 18 turns up and all the eyes in the room are drawn to her. Guy after guy goes over to her to try talking to her without success. Eventually someone asks one of her female friends, ” So what is it with your friend, it take it she has a boyfriend? ” “Oh no, comes the reply, she has joined a dating site, so just tends not to bother with guys who try talking to her” Now either the person who believes in dating agencies is a fool, or is treating me as one.

  8. I have never, ever, ever once met a couple where the girl was an attractive young woman and they met through a dating site. All those people who may be reading these deliberations should ponder themselves upon any instance where they themselves may have seen such a thing.

  9. I have not found spending around a thousand hours contacting women on dating sites without a single meet up very comical, so you will have to excuse my lack of appreciation of your humour. If it has worked for you, then fine, you use it.

  10. The amount of attractive women on any site will surely depend on your locality. I can imagine that the women in New York City would be very different from some suburb in Wisconsin, etc.

  11. Any kind of achievement requires having the skills to get there. Just like meeting women in the real world, meeting women online is a specific skill that can be developed and improved.

  12. Ronnie, you are funny. OkCupid is a huge site with millions of users. It doesn't really need anyone's endorsement. It's hard to believe that you haven't heard of it. Other sites, like Match, etc…. charge $20-$30 / month which is very reasonable considering the work that needs to be put into maintaining those sites, etc… There are certainly scams out there, but there are also very legitimate sites with very little or no scamming going on.

  13. Sorry, but I am not going to waste any more of my life expectancy upon Internet dating sites. What makes me suspicious of your response is that you term the one that you suggest as being free.mif it is free, then it is the only one that is free, despite the fact that they all describe themselves as being free. Often it is the trick of, you have messages, if you want to read them or reply, you need to upgrade your membership. Are you sure you are not a director or shareholder of this website?

  14. Okcupid is just one of many free sites with millions of real member and plenty of attractive women.

  15. I spent a year on one of the main sites for adult encounters and found, as many others have done that the women on them fall into three categories, as follows, with the highest numbers given first;

    1) Web Cam girls trying to get you to join their fee charging site.

    2) Scammers who are trying any trick to get you to upload your credit card details.

    3) Conpletely fake profiles of imaginary people.

    4) Hookers.

    5) A very small proportion of extremely overweight women who really should no better than to post such photos of themselves.

    Two days before my subscription ran out, I got my first return message from a girl saying she wanted to meet up. So I paid another years subscription, and guess what, the girl changed her mind.

  16. I have found it to be a waste of time. Perhaps different things work for different people.

  17. @ Ronnie – online dating can be a great resource of meeting women who you would have never come across otherwise. If you didn't get any dates after contacting hundreds of women, it's quite likely that the problem is either your profile and/or photos or your messages to women. Some but not all women are on the online dating sites out of boredom or for validation. There other others who look for love, or connection or sex or all of the above.

  18. Ronnie: I've been saying the same thing forever. I stand with you.

  19. Before I get a barage of abuse for my male perspectives upon dating agencies, some advice generally for women. Men are simple creatures, they are not likely to like you more for ignoring them, done in some kind of way to increase desire. They will more likely just think that a woman is not nice and is stuck up. Concentrate upon men who have shown an interest in you. How you approach and speak to a man is highly unlikely to change how much he likes you as a woman. If he likes you, you can stutter and mumble, and trip up over your shoelaces and it will not put him off. Also, don't try thinking that you will alter a guy,s level of attraction to you dependant upon how suave a technique you use to approach and talk to him. He is a bloke, not a woman. He either fancies you or he does not. Try establishing if he does. Remember above all that men are simple creatures, like a dog, they like a smile and a pat, an offer of sex, and a walk in the park. Honest, it's that simpe! I,m a man, I know!

  20. On line dating fatigue! From a male perspective it is a complete waste of time. I contacted literally hundreds of girls using this method and never got a single date. Firstly, girls who are young and attractive, as far as I could work out, mainly join so that they can indulge in some innocent flirtation over the Internet for nights when their friends are not going out, and when there is nothing worth watching on the television. Secondly, just look at the stipulated objective of most of these sites, from a male perspective. They will try to introduce me to women who are well established in a

    profession. What image does this conjure up in ones mind? Certainly not that of a lovely pretty young woman looking for a boyfriend. From a male perspective my advice would be simply do not waste your time. You will likely find middle aged ladies looking for mannequin dummy appearance men, who are in tune with touchy freely gay type thoughts, who are financially and career successful, who like a romantic cuddle and who,s life is not complete because they have not met the right saggy boobed frumpy woman who appreciates overpriced meals. If you are a heterosexual guy, just don’t waste your time!

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