Two Style Tips For Attracting Women

two style tips for attracting womenYou don’t need to convince a typical woman how important it is for her to dress well and look good. Pretty much all women are well aware and are very concerned with the smallest details and subtleties of how they look – from their hair, make up and eye lashes, to making sure that the¬†color of their nails matches their scarf and boots. Is it possible then that it wouldn’t matter to a woman how the guy she is talking to looks, if she pays so much attention to her own style and appearance? I don’t think so. While some women might say that they care about what’s on the inside much more, your appearance – you style generally, and how you dress¬†and carry yourself makes a big difference in the very beginning of your interaction with a woman – when you try to approach and meet her and on a first date.

There is no way around it – we all make judgments about people based on how they look. Whether you want it or not, what you wear makes a statement about who you are.¬†¬†Your perception of another person is directly affected by that person’s appearance.¬†There is a¬†reason why a banker or a real estate¬†sales man¬†wears a suit – everyone knows that¬†formal attire adds credibility to who you are in many¬†business situations.¬†A¬†male suit has been¬†creating an aura of power and authority for¬†centuries now, and it still works – when you talk to someone who is wearing a suit that fits them, you can’t help but pay attention to what they have to say. Yet, imagine an extreme opposite¬†example – a homeless person who wears ripped up, old clothes and whose hair looks like it hasn’t been washed in weeks because it hasn’t, and someone who is carrying a huge bag with all his possessions, comes up to you and says something very profound and interesting. You will still look at him and listen to him through the “lens” of his appearance. There will be a voice in your head that says “whatever that person is saying can’t be all that important; after all, look at him. If he really knew what he was talking about, he wouldn’t be looking like that.” Is it wrong and superficial of us to think that way? Maybe so, maybe no, but it’s also a very natural way of initially assessing who you are dealing with. Women operate exactly the same – if the first impression you make on her is of a slob or an extreme hippie, it’s going to be a major red flag to her and she will want to run fast and far, unless she has the same style.

Two Style Tips For Attracting Women 

As a guy who is interested in making the right impression and attracting women, you should generally follow these two basic style tips. Wear clothes that are

(a) appropriate for the occasion; and

(b) are flattering to your body type, and to who you are as a person – professionally, socially and otherwise.

Being under-dressed is unattractive for obvious reasons, but being overdressed might also be a bad idea, as make you look like a poser who is trying too hard. Wearing a suit to a fine restaurant, a show or a concert is a great idea. Where a suit to a dance club or a very casual bar might not necessarily be appropriate, although of course depends on who you are and the exact place you are going to. Above all, you should feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing. Have you ever noticed someone who obviously looked uncomfortable in what they are wearing and they look like they are not in their place? That guy seems to be nervously looking around, fixing his clothes and fidgeting. Be assured that it is even more noticeable and more unattractive to women.

What about all those men who wear suits that are way too big for their body and who look like they wear their father’s suit? This is a terrible look. It makes any guy look sloppy. Even the most expensive, high quality suit or coat is going to look terrible if the fit is not right. The majority of men that I see around have this problem – everything they wear is poorly fitted. Getting properly sized clothes doesn’t have to cost extra. It just takes a few more moments of paying attention of how your clothes lay on you.

On the other hand, if you are overweight, it might be a good idea to wear a more relaxed fit suit, but if you are fit, there is no reason why your suit should not fit your body. Spend extra few minutes at the store and extra few dollars to figure out what your sizes are and get the right size of your shirts, pants and jackets. It will undoubtedly make you feel and look better. And there is no question that becoming more confident with women requires that you feel good about how you look and that you actually put yourself together.

When you look more put together and you know it, every moment of your life might just feel a little brighter. When you feel more attractive, you are more attractive. This will translate into your ability to approach and meet women and to talk to the women you already know in a way that will project more charisma and greater presence. ¬†Your clothes alone will not turn you into an attractive man if you otherwise aren’t, but your style is surely an important factor.

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