Keep These Two Words Out of Your Online Dating Profile

(Last Updated On: 09/30/2013)

Redundancy makes any writing less compelling and less captivating to a reader, be it fiction, non-fiction or an online dating profile. Having worked with a large number of women on improving their dating profiles, I have been noticing a common pattern among them to use the same two words that do not really add anything to their profile but actually take away from it and “dilute” it in a way:

1. I am “attractive.” You post your photos on your dating profile. There is no reason to say whether you are attractive or not. This is in the eye of the beholder and each guy who reads your profile will make up their own mind whether they find you attractive.

2. I am “intelligent.” Like with being attractive, intelligence is proven through actions not by describing yourself as such. Stating in your profile that you are intelligent is more likely to make you come across as conceited and full of yourself rather than show your intelligence. If you want to let your intellect shine, say something intelligent or funny or sarcastic in your profile – share a view on an issue, an opinion, or challenge something that’s commonly accepted. This will be much more impressive than describing yourself as intelligent, smart, inquisitive, deep, etc.

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