Does Wearing A Lot Of Make-Up Make You More Attractive to Men?

woman with lots of make-up onThere are a lot of misconceptions among sexes out there as to what the opposite sex finds physically attractive. Make-up is one classic example of this.  Women generally believe that they look much better and “dressier” when they fix themselves up and put tons of make up on. I walk through downtown San Francisco every day, and it doesn’t seize to amaze me how so many women who have “serious”, demanding jobs, go waaaay overboard with applying way too much make-up. But, does this really make them more attractive? More of than not it makes them look much less real and much more unapproachable. In some cases, they look downright trashy, and it’s hard to take them seriously as professionals if they looks like circus performers.

More and more men find the  more natural look with little or no make-up much more attractive. This is because a woman’s skin, assuming it’s not damaged in any type of unusual way, is far more attractive and sexier than the skin covered with basically a layer of paint, making it look like a wall. The small imperfections of an actual skin make it look all more “real” and thus more appealing to touching, smelling, kissing, etc! A man’s mind dictates to him that the surface and the texture of a female skin is what he wants, and not some artificial surface, which often makes women look over-processed and mannequin like. can also make a woman look like an unapproachable mannequin.

The secret to applying make-up effectively is in being subtle. If you have things to hide on your face, using lots of make is understandable. However, if you have a good skin, you should err on the side of using less make-up, because too much of it will not flatter you, but will actually take away from your beauty.

The same applies to lipstick. If your lips are smaller, and you generally have less natural color, than you use lipstick more generously to accentuate the lips.  However, if you were blessed with more colorful complexion and full lips, seeing and feeling your actual lips will always be so much more appealing and sexy and dealing with that smelly paste we call lipstick.

In the end, men are driven toward and are turned on by that which looks more real – that which it is easier to relate to, or fantasize about. This is one of the reasons why “Girls Gone Wild” made it so big at the time. Their footage was not portraying glammed up supermodels in surreal, tropical island type settings. They were focusing on the attractive, but more natural looking, “next door” type of college girls that men generally can imagine seeing around, at least in college.

If you were given the gift of natural beauty, be proud of it and don’t conceal it with accessories that don’t really flatter you but take away from your beauty. The fact that almost everyone else goes heavy on make-up doesn’t mean that this is the right thing for you to do. You have one of a kind face that deserves unique and individual approach to enhancing or not enhancing it, regardless of what anyone else does or what the current fashion trends dictate to your generation.

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