One Effective Way Of Meeting Girls In College

meeting girls in collegeWhile generally, meeting girls in college is considered easier than in most other places because of the fraternity / sorority atmosphere, drinking, and simply being around so many girls of your age, meeting them and establishing a connection outside of those parties are not that easy, and very few guys are capable of doing this. The good news is that this means that the competition over meeting those girls outside of parties is pretty low.

If you are at a commuter school, and you don’t live on campus, approaching a girl in a college class when you don’t really have a reason to speak with her requires a specific plan and a bit confidence, especially if she doesn’t look like she wants to be bothered. So how do you go about making a move on a girl in your college class, who doesn’t sit next to you, and who you otherwise don’t have a “real” reason to approach and talk to, but who you have been eyeing for a while? I suggest making a few gradual specific steps to break the ice and go from there:

First, if possible, say something smart and thought provoking while participating in a class discussion if you are in the same class, so she notices you. Do it more than once if necessary to establish yourself as someone who cares, who puts effort into school, and who wants to be heard. You don’t have to be obnoxious about it. Raise your hand, say something or answer a question briefly but be sure to say something at least somewhat meaningful or interesting.  Then, after class, while walking by her throw casually while looking at her something funny about the class or the teacher… to see if she responds…  If she does, have a small talk, ask her what other classes she is taking and which one of them she suggests you avoid. Of course, it’s much easier if the girl who want to talk to says something in class. Then, you can easily walk by her after class and compliment her or add something to what she had to say and see if this opens up a conversation.

Then, the next time you have a class together, suggest studying one night together over coffee or something like that. This is a relatively mild, non-aggressive approach, but the one that’s appropriate under the circumstances. If this looks too forward to you, consider an “interim” step of asking her to study or to have a lunch/coffee breaks between classes on campus. This will also be useful to you in assessing whether you actually like her as much as you thought you would. while giving her more time to get used to the idea of hanging out with you.

While studying together, try to flirt, and be funny and interesting without going overboard, of course. I suggest the ratio of 30% funny and 70% serious, and see if she responds to your mild advances. “Accidentally”  and gently brush up against her shoulder with your hand. Comment on her hair and touch it gently and slowly and then take your hand away and see if this flatters her or makes her really uncomfortable. Depending upon how shy the girl is, you might have to study with her a few times before you are able to do it, so you have to assess the dynamic between the two of you and decide whether making an advance, however subtle it might be, is appropriate and not premature. In case you wonder what to talk about, there are so many things that you can bring up – from making fun or admiring one of your teachers or classmates to talking about your and her plans for the nearest future or for the upcoming holidays / vacation. Just make sure that if you study, you don’t just talk about whatever you should be studying, so that your conversation doesn’t get too stiff and boring.

There is one more thing you can and should do to separate yourself from others, and specifically other guys, when you start communicating with this girl. Do not bombard her with text messages. Set a reasonable limit of text messages you will be sending to her per day or per week and commit to that limit. Sending too many text messages is one way to end up in a friends zone before you even know it. Of course it doesn’t matter how many text messages you send after a romantic connection is established, but until that time err on the side of sending fewer messages. This doesn’t mean that you have to play games and not respond to her messages for days. It simply means that you should remember that she has a bunch of friends that keep texting her and messaging her on every possible mode of social media, and you should not be one of them.

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