The Best Places to Meet Women Which Are Often Underrated

best-places-to-meet-womenInterested in meeting more and better single women? Then, make this one simple promise to yourself and commit to not breaking it: promise to yourself to go to every single birthday party, house party or a cocktail party that you are ever invited to. Simply never say “no” to an invite to anyone’s gathering that’s limited to a certain social group.  These types of events are some of the best opportunities and best places to meet women, as you don’t face the obstacles to talking to and getting to know women that you would in just about any other place, where women feel uncomfortable, skeptical or simply not ready to be approached and talk to a stranger.

While in just about any other environment, you have to worry about (a) breaking a woman’s defenses; (b) making eye contact; (c) figuring out how to start a conversation, and all the other typical obstacles that guys face when approaching and meeting women. These obstacles, however, naturally do not exist at parties and social events. First, a woman has no reason to put her defenses up in those situations, as she naturally feels safe when invited to a social gathering of someone who she knows or who she know through her friend. She will also assume that you are “safe” because you belong to the same network and you have been invited by someone, so in a sense you are already “pre-screened” as far as she is concerned. Further, there is no typical stigma associated with meeting guys at those types of functions, like in clubs and bars. No girl would be ashamed to tell her friend that she met a guy at birthday party or a Christmas party. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you have to at least introduce yourself to everyone at a more intimate social gather, because it’s simply rude not to, so you will inevitably have to talk to everyone, including the women you are interested in, instead of struggling to find a reason to talk to them.

A house party or a networking event might only have one or two women who you are interested in meeting, unlike clubs and bars with dozens of hot women dancing around and drinking. However, your chances of meeting that one or two girls at a more intimate event are so much higher than approaching any of those girls at a bar. Starting a conversation at a birthday party is so easy. Any general, common ice-breaker is good enough, such as “How do you know the host?”, and then – just take that conversation in any random direction from there.

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12/20/2012 8:15 am

Great article.
I have noticed a certain pattern about myself and I have a question.
Before I started working on my dating skills I met 3 girls. First I met 6 months ago, and other two 1-2 years ago. They are totally different, have nothing in common, and I met them on a different house parties.
These days I saw each one of them (in a different places).
I recognized them all and remember everything about them. They did not recognize me at all, but they recognized “all my friends!”
This was a huge turn off and big disappointment for me, and it happened 3 times… I thought to myself: This must happened because I did not use humor to attract, I was not aggressive enough and I had a poor body language when I first met them…
I was lost in my head and the result was complete disconnection with these girls!!! I realized that the problem is with me.
My question is how to use humor and make fun in a situations like this (when you met a girl before 1-2 times but she completely doesn’t recognize you now) and how to turn this situation in my advantage???