Why The “Three Day Rule” Is No Longer Relevant

It used to be a good idea for a guy to wait for 2-3 days to contact the woman he went out on a date with to avoid coming across as needy and desperate. This idea, however, is no longer relevant. In fact, if you follow this rule today, you are pretty much guaranteed to get that girl to lose interest in you or at the very least – have some resentment toward you, because of this unnecessary delay in communication. And, the more she like you, the more unhappy she will be about you ignoring her for several days.

Before You Reject Or Break Up With A Trump Supporter

In this heated political times, may people grow more and more intolerant of people who opposing political views. But, what if you find yourself in a situation where you really like someone, develop great chemistry with in and outside of the bedroom, but you have a really hard time getting over your political differences? In the video below, I tell a story of one woman who decided to break up with a guy she really liked because he was a Trump supporter, and I share my suggestions of what she could and probably should have done before making that decision: