Five Undeniable Reasons Galleries Are A Perfect Place To Meet Women

(Last Updated On: 07/01/2017)

galleries perfect place to meet women There is one place that’s simply perfect for approaching and meeting women for so many reasons, while being also so underrated and underused by men – these art galleries. Here are some of the most compelling reasons why galleries are such great places to meet women:

1.It’s easy to come up with something interesting to say and talk about at a gallery. 

Every guy knows that the biggest challenge in approaching women is not knowing what to say or not having anything to say that would be appropriate and relevant to the situation when trying to strike up a conversation with a woman. Most men feel uncomfortable saying something as silly as “you are beautiful” or “I like your purse.” Asking for directions isn’t that much better either, because once you get your answer, where do you go from there? This problem doesn’t exist in galleries. One of the things you have probably seen in romantic movies is a guy approaching a woman who is standing and looking at a paining or a sculpture and saying something about it as simple as “This reminds me of…. ” or “Isn’t this amazing…” , or “I wonder what the artist meant by x when he was making it / painting it.” Unlike many other things portrayed in movies, this is a very realistic way to start a conversation about something far more interesting than “what do you do? and “where do you live?”

2. Galleries attract higher quality women. 

Chances are that if a woman goes to art galleries, she is more sophisticated and has a side to her that will make her more attractive, interesting and in touch with her soul. Even though all types of people go to all types of places, surely the galleries on average attract a higher caliber of women (and men) than pubs and bars. And guess what – it’s quite likely that women assume the same about men who go to galleries, thinking of them as more cultured and more secure with their masculinity,

3. It’s a great place and reason to connect.   

If you both like to go to galleries and/or like the same type of art, then you already have something important and meaningful in common, and this is not a bad place to start from at all.

4. She will be proud to share where she met you. 

It’s not a secret women really, really care about what their friends think of them, their lives and their dating choices. Galleries don’t suffer from the same stigma as bars, clubs and even gyms do. A woman might be embarrassed to share that she met you at a bar or online, but she would be so happy to tell her friends that she met you at a gallery. Few things are more interesting and romantic that this.

5. Women’s guards are down at galleries. 

There is no reason for a woman to be unfriendly and unapproachable at a gallery. Usually, they feel comfortable, relaxed and safe, while not being in a rush to go anywhere, like they would on the street ad in most other places. – In other words, they are in a perfect state of mind to be approached.

You have the opportunity to put your best foot forward.

If you take a few minutes to learn about the art you are about to see at a gallery and about the artists who created it, you will have an additional topic to start your conversation from, an another way to come across as more interesting. Also, a gallery is an appropriate place for both women and you to dress up a little, which will only make you more attractive and hopefully – more confident to make a move.

But there aren’t that many galleries where I live, and they don’t get that busy.  Besides, I don’t want to go to galleries to just meet women – it would be lame and creepy. 

This is a common response to me recommending that men to go to galleries to meet women. However, the truth is that you don’t need a hundred galleries. You just need a couple of decent ones in your area that show exhibits and host events. And you don’t need those places to be attended by a large number of people. In fact, when it’s less crowded, the vibe is more mellow and intimate, which makes it all the easier to focus on one or a few women that you would like to talk to and get their attention. You have already probably noticed that it’s much easier to meet women in a place that’s less busy, less noisy and less chaotic, so don’t worry about how many people attend a gallery.  And, you don’t have to go to a galleries just to meet women. You are allowed to learn more about art and enjoy it while trying to meet women. But… even if you just went to a gallery to meet women, it’s certainly not such a bad thing after all. Gallery might just be the perfect place to meet women, regardless of what brings you there.

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