Three Tips for Being the Best Lover She Has Ever Had

exciting unpredictable sex1. Be the Best Lover She Has Ever Had by Bringing Variety Into Monogamy

Nope. I am not talking about sleeping around with different people. I am talking about surprising her with the variety of things you can do with her and to her. You should not be having sex the same way in the same place every single time. Routine sex will inevitably become boring sex, and boring sex with very soon mean no sex. A laundry room or even a storage room, if available, can be as exciting or a more exciting place to have sex than the most luxurious hotel room with a view and room service. If you have ever fantasized about having sex at a construction site or any other kind of industrial site, and there is an opportunity for you to make it happen in a safe environment without offending anyone around or getting in trouble, then why not do that? This might just be something you and your partner will remember for many years, whether you end up staying together long-term or not.

Taking things slow and teasing her before penetration can be a lot of fun, but it’s a good idea to mix it with quickie here and there. And if she has to keep guessing whether you are going to be a gentle lover or an animal on any given occasion, all the better.

2. Be the Best Lover She Has Ever Had by Being Unpredictable  

Who said you have to have dinner and movie first before you sex? What’s wrong with grabbing her, pushing her against the wall the way she likes it, kissing her and licking her wherever and however you like it before you go out? If she likes you as much as you think and hope she does, she will be flattered and even thrilled that kind of hunger on your part.

Who came up with the rule that you have to wait till later in the evening or night to have sex? 2 pm or 7 pm or 4 am can be just as exciting or even more exciting than the more conventional times for sex.

Who made the rule that you have to be completely naked every time you have sex? Sometimes, it might be more exciting to be half dressed, and depending upon what you and especially she is wearing, it can really spice things up. You might not be able to have sex in the office, but leaving the office sex fantasy should not be a problem. All it requires is a nice office desk/chair and “professional” attire.

Sex in the kitchen or in the office or in your garage is many people’s fantasy that should not be that hard for you to make real. And if that’s what you want, you should let yourself enjoy it. Being unpredictable when it comes to sex is one of the simple yet more effective ways to be more exciting than the vast majority, if not all, of the guys she ever met before you.

Also you can have so much fun with your old close by tearing them up a little or making holes in all the “wrong” places. Does she have an old pair of yoga pants that you love to see her in but she is eager to get rid of? Borrow them, make a hole in them, make her put them back on and convince her with your mouth and your penis not to trow them away yet

3. Become the Best Lover She Has Ever Had by Talking Dirty to Her  When the Time is Right

Although not all, many women like to be not only physically dominated but also verbally dominated when having sex. The most passionate women with high sex drive love to be treated like dirty whores in bed. Living out the fantasy or being your sex object can be a huge turn-on to a woman who likes you and who wants to please you, so go for it. If she doesn’t like it, she can let you know and you can always stop.

If you have more tips that you would like to share about how to be a better and more exciting lover with women, please do share below.

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8 years ago

Great and very honest tips. Its hard to come out and say it but hope more women run into this posting and read it carefully.

8 years ago

My bf threw me on my desk shortly after we met in a middle of our conversation that had nothing to do with sex. That was the hottest thing that ever happened to me in my 37 years. I am all for being random and unpredictable when it comes to sex.