Three Ways to Ruin Your First Date Before It Even Started

There are three sure ways to ruin your first date before it even started:

1. Show up late for your first date without acknowledging or apologizing.

Being late isn’t necessarily a big deal, although it certainly cannot hurt being punctual. Many of us have a habit of running 10-15 minutes late, and most people understand it. However, not acknowledging, not apologizing, and acting like you haven’t done anything wrong is a much bigger issue. Such a disregard for basic human courtesy is a major turn-off to many people and will likely taint the rest of your first date, as it should. If you are late and for some reason are unable to let your date know that you are running late, saying “I am sorry for being late” should be the very next words from your mouth, after you greet each other.

2. Ask lame questions about the dating process.

Such questions as “How often do you do this?” or “What was the last time you went on a date?” or “Are you nervous?” are guaranteed to take your conversation into the land of boring, cliche topics and the universally dreaded friends zone. There are so many other things to talk about. Just look around and talk about whatever you see. Perhaps that painting on the wall reminds you of something else. Maybe someone funny/interesting looking just walked by that you can point to. Maybe last night you saw a really good or a really bad movie, and you can ask whether she saw it and what she thought of it. Maybe you are reading a book that you find to be very interesting or, conversely, very underrated, and you would like to find out whether she heard of it and what she thinks of it. Anything question and any topic is better than “How long was your last relationship?” or “What do you do?”

3. Wear sunglasses.

I am quite shocked to see people wear sunglasses on their first dates. I can’t help but wonder what the hell they are thinking. If one person wears them, it’s a problem. If both do, it’s real attraction and interest killer. How could you talk to each other if you can’t see each other’s eyes? If you are unable to make eye contact with your date, there is no point in going out. If it’s too bright out, then find a different place to sit or hang out, so that you don’t have to store into each other’s shades.

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9 years ago

So true! I couldn't count the number of times I saw guys make these mistakes, especially number #2.