What makes a woman want a man?

Did you ever ask yourself this seemingly simple and yet critical question Рwhat makes a woman want a certain man?  I suggest that you stop for a moment and ponder on this question, trying to answer it yourself before you read any further.

Generally we desire things that (1) are of quality (2) rare (3) cause¬†us joy, happiness, fun and other positive experiences.¬†How does this theory fit with you and your goals to be attractive and desirable to women? I would never dare to¬†try¬†to precisely and unequivocally define what¬†exactly makes one person attracted to and romantically interested in another.¬†After all, we are all unique individuals and therefore there must be significant differences between what attracts us in others. It’s likely that we will never¬†fully understand how love and attraction works and perhaps that what makes those emotions so special and powerful.¬†However, having said that, I do believe that the above three elements underlie the drive that triggers a woman’s attraction to a man in a typical situation.

Well, first you must become a man of quality – a man whose character, personality, lifestyle, goals and ambitions earn him respect from the people around him. Without those qualities, a guy would fall into the big pile of mediocrity which most attractive, intelligent women try their best to avoid.

Secondly, you must be of a rare kind. Your thoughts, views and opinions must be more interesting, more insightful and more thought provoking than those of an average guy. Talking about football, beer, and cars is not going to get you very far with most bright, desirable women. On the other hand – at least basic understanding and awareness along with curiosity about art, philosophy, music, religion, nature and alike will make you come across as a unique, interesting guy who is one of a kind or one of very few “quality” guys out there from a woman’s point of view.¬† And if you don’t know much about the above subjects, you better go, learn and expand your horizons. And don’t worry – you won’t be doing it just in order to meet and attract more women. Such cultural awareness will likely benefit you socially and professional more than you can imagine today. Making an impression of an intelligent, interesting guy on your co-workers, managers, and friends is just as valuable or even more valuable than attracting women.

Thirdly, you must cause a woman experience joy by being playful, funny, and sarcastic. Wit and sense of humor are essential to creating that fire that makes a woman desire a man, think about him when she is away from him, and look forward to seeing him again.

So, start working on developing the above qualities, and you will become the man of many women’s dreams!

Many guys believe that they have to tell a girl that they like her, believing that it is going to make her like them more. However, as the video below says, this is not the case:

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