The Most Important Rule for Meeting More Women

meeting more women at house parties If you want to start meeting more women as soon as possible in the easiest way possible, there is one rule or one promise that you can and you should make to yourself, which is as simple as it is effective, and it might just be the single most effective step you can take toward having more opportunities to meet women in general. And that promise is this: promise to yourself that you will never say “no” to any house party or any other social party invitation. Whether it’s your friend’s birthday party, or a holiday party or a professional networking  event, or your friends wedding or any kind f anniversary, or any kind of benefit event – simply do not say no and gladly accept every such invitation. Even if you don’t feel like going to a party, still agree to go and be there. In the vast majority of cases, you will be glad you went, regardless of who you met. How do I know? Well, ask yourself how many time you went to a party and really regretted going? Probably never. Besides, if you have a terrible time at any such party, you always the option to leave, so you really don’t have anything to lose by going.

The reasons why the above mentioned events, and especially house parties, are so great and so much better for approaching, talking to, and meeting girls than just about any other place, are as obvious as they are compelling:

First, the common obstacle of approaching and starting a conversation with a girl that you would face  anywhere else is non-existent at parties. While in any other place you would have to struggle to figure out what to say to start a conversation with a girl and often you will not be able to come up with anything, letting yet another opportunity slip, the situation at parties is entirely opposite. It would be rude for you or for any girl at a party you attend not to introduce yourselves to each other and have at least a short friendly conversation. If nothing else, you will talk about how you both know the host, etc. But generally, you will likely have more reasons to start a relevant conversation with a girl at a house party than in most, if not all, other places and situations.

Secondly, women usually don’t have their guards up at house parties and similar gatherings. They believe that if you are there, you have been invited, so you have been “pre-screened”. You are not another random guy who is trying to hit on them, and  you must be at the very least safe to talk to.

Thirdly, there is no stigma associated with meeting a guy at a house party or some kind of private professional  or social gathering where everyone knows the host, and people who show up to that event are there for some kind of legitimate reason.  While some girls would still be embarrassed to tell their friends that they met a guy online or at a bar, meeting a guy at a house party, a benefit event, or a networking function sounds like the most legitimate way to meet someone that any girl would be proud to share with her girlfriends.

Finally, house parties, anniversary celebrations or networking events are excellent ways to meet a woman indirectly through the people who show up to a party. You might meet someone at that kind of party who knows a great single woman – it could be her relative, friend or a less attractive co-worker who is trying to set up her friend with a decent guy. The moment you make a good impression on any unavailable girl who has a single friend, that girl will be eager to introduce you to her friend, which, again, will allow to skip over the many barriers that you would face surprising women in other situations by trying to approach them out of the blue. The reason of this is that most women who have been dating around know from personal experience that guys who are both interesting and attractive are hard to come by, so if a woman who is dating someone finds you to be that kind of guy from her short interaction with you during the party, she will likely be the one trying to set you up with one of her friends.

Even if you don’t meet anyone at that kind of party and you don’t get any indirect prospects, it will still be a great practice exercise for you to get out of your comfort zone, to meet, talk and connect with new people and work on your social skills. Like any other skills, talk to and meeting more women requires training and practice, and parties are an excellent opportunity for that kind of practice, that no bar and no club can match.

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