Why You Should Skip Greeting Women on OkCupid / Match

matchWhen any fairly attractive or above girl logs into her dating profile on one of the major online dating sites, she sees an inbox, similar to her email inbox. On that page, she gets to preview the first few words of every new message she received from men.  So, if your message start with “Hi, how is it going? I really liked your profile because…..” chances are that she might only see “Hi, how is going…” in her inbox page. The problem with this type of greeting is that almost every message that women receive starts like this. This means that they have no way of knowing whether you are any different from the many dozens of other guys who send her the same boring messages. As I mentioned many times before, standing out as early as possible as someone who is more interesting than other guys is critical to meeting and attracting women, whether in real life or online.

So, how do you go about standing out from the rest when sending that first message online?

One effective way to do this is to simply skip the greeting altogether and make sure that the first few words from you that a woman sees in her inbox stand out and capture her attention. For instance, if the girls says in her profile that she loves the beach and would do anything to spend the summer months by the water, you could start your message with: “My most memorable time by the sea was…” or something along those lines. No matter where that sentences gets cut in her inbox, it will intrigue the reader. Even if she only gets to see the first three words – “my most memorable” she will have to open and read what it is that you are talking about that’s so memorable, and it’s surely so much better than sending her yet another “Hi” or “How is your day going?”

Try this and let us know how this simple tip works for you.

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