Five Things You Do That Make You Look Lame Even Before Your First Date with Him

lame first dateHere are five common things that women do that make them come across as lame to the guy they met online or in real life, even before they go out on that first date:

1. Cancelling Your Date With a Short Notice is Lame

Few things are more frustrating and irritating to a busy guy than blocking out a few hours or an evening to meet with you instead of going to a gym, meeting up with friends, watching a movie, or going out with some other girl that he might be interested in getting to know as well, then you canceling your date two hours before you are supposed to meet. Don’t do that unless you absolutely have to. It’s lame. Give the guy at least a day notice that you can’t make it. You know you would like to know if someone can’t make with with some time in advance, so treat others accordingly.

2. Returning His Voice Messages with a Missed Call is Lame

If the guy you barely know called you and left you a message, leave him a message too when you call back. Relying on missed calls is good for your friends and relatives you talk to every day or several times a day; not with that guy you are trying to get to know and go out with. Expecting him to call you based on a “missed call” from you is lame.

3. Multi-Tasking While on the Phone with Him is Lame  

If the guy you recently met calls you, either give him undivided attention when you talk to him, or call him back if you are busy. Long pauses and confusion on your part during the conversation that suggest that you are doing something else at the same time, or even worse – the sound of your typing in the background, while on the phone, is lame. Once you get to know each other and talk often enough, you won’t have to be so polite every time, but when you just started talking to someone, it’s important to let him know that you are actually listening.

4. Bragging  is Lame

Many guys are just as annoyed by women, who talk about how accomplished and independent they are, as women are annoyed with the men who love talk about themselves. You don’t need to talk about how great you are when you meet him. Let him find out gradually through your actions and behavior how great you are. This will be both, more impressive and more classy.

5. Talking About Your Recent Dating Experiences is Lame  

Taking about your dating adventures is a common but poor ice-breaker, especially when it comes to meeting a guy online. “So, how do you like this website so far?” or “Have you been on Match/Okcupid/POF for a long time?” “How many people did you meet off of that website, and what has been your experience like?”  These kinds of questions should be reserved for your conversations with your girlfriends and not for your actual dates, as talking about your dating experience is generally a sure one-way ticket to a friends zone, and not so much because of how it will make the guy feel about you, but about how your perception of him and who he is to you will be affected by these kinds of anti-romantic discussions.

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