On Trying to Sweep Her Off Her Feet with Your First Few Words

sweeping her off her feetOne of the major mental difficulties that guys face when trying to think of what to say to a woman they would like to start a conversation with and meet is thinking that they have to say something very original and unique, and that they have to sweep that girl off her feet with the very first few words that they say to her. This is completely incorrect, and that kind of mindset will make approaching and meeting women ever harder or completely impossible.

There is no reason for you to impose that kind of pressure on yourself for one simple reason. Unlike some movies and TV shows might make you believe, the purpose of your first few words to the woman that you are trying to meet and start talking to is not to sweep her off her feet and make her fall in love with you right then and there. Your goal is not to leave an immediate, incredible impression on her within the first 40 seconds of meeting her.

The only purpose of those first words is to break the ice and to start any kind of conversation. Therefore, it doesn’t have to be very profound or unique. In fact it shouldn’t, because when you try to do that, you are running the risk of coming across as that guy who is trying too hard, which is naturally very unattractive to women and a sign of serious lack of confidence to any perceptive woman. As long as your conversation starter is relevant to the situation you are in, where you are about to start talking to the girl, it’s a good start, and it’s surely better than sitting for a long time and thinking what can you say that would be so special to capture her attention, until she gets up and leave.

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