Effective Strategy For Meeting Women In The Service Industry

flirting and meeting women in the service industryLiterally all single guys have a number of women in their life that they regularly see and might be potentially interested in talking to, meeting, and going out with, but they don’t know how to go about doing that. Every day you go to the same grocery store, Starbucks, department stores, cafes, etc… and you see the same women work there who serve you and who recognize you.

So, what can you do to make meeting the women both possible and exciting?

– Here is one realistic strategy. First, you must keep in mind that the fact that you are going to see the same girl you are interested in again means that you don’t have to go “for the kill” the first time you talk to her. You can and you should test the waters of whether she is interested, set the ground for asking her for her contact information and then ask her out.

One great way to create a connection with a woman in a service industry is by following a three step approach: (1) break the ice; (2) talk (3) talk again and ask for her contact information:

(1) Breaking the ice. Breaking the ice with a woman is the most difficult part for most guys. The good news is that it should be easier to do this with any girl who is an employee at whatever establishment you frequent. After all, she naturally has to talk to you if you have questions about their product / service, or are trying to buy something.

Here are two specific, realistic examples of how you can break the ice in these types of situation while having fun doing that:

(a) Suppose you want to meet the cashier girl at a grocery store. You stand in line and the person who is being checked out right in front of you is on his cellphone while paying. As soon as he is done paying and it’s your turn, you could say to the girl: “Sorry, hold on…. let me get on my phone before I start ringing me up…I know you must love” and pull out a cellphone. Do it playfully and most women with a good sense of humor would laugh/roll their eyes and find your imitation of that other customer entertaining. And remember – eye contact is crucial. You can’t joke with a woman you don’t know and look away like you are talking to someone else.

(b) Starbucks is another great place for breaking the ice. One effective way to do it is by making fun of a customer who seems to be high-maintenance and who orders a complicated drink (we all see those all the time). When it’s your turn to order, you can come up with a ridiculous order and also ask that it be low-fat and organic. If you say it in a way that makes it obvious that you are making fun of someone, it will brighten up the busy day of a girl who works behind the counter and will likely make her remember you.

(2) Second contact. The next time (a day or two later) you go to the same store and go through the same cashier girl, she will remember you and your comment, and you can have a small talk with her by saying something like: “Wow, you work a lot her, don’t you? how late are you usually here? Are you in school too?” or something like that, and then go from there depending upon how busy she is with customers and how good she is at helping you to carry on the conversation.

(3) Third contact. The third time you talk to her, you could say: “Hey, I wonder what you are like when you are not working. Is it possible to see you outside of this place sometime? ”  – this is a simple way to let the girl know that you want to get to know her. At the same time, it’s not too pushy or too direct, and it will not make the girl feel uncomfortable whether she agrees to disagrees to see you outside of her workplace. This line is very easy to use and very effective in large part because you are being honest when you are saying it, because that’s exactly what’s on your mind, unlike telling her about how nice her dress is or how her weekend was or some other fake excuse for striking up a conversation.

Following the above three-step plan to meet women who work in the service industry is simple and doesn’t require a lot of confidence on your part. You don’t need to approach any woman specifically. The women in the above situations are the ones you have to interact with anyway.

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11/12/2010 7:15 pm

This is good advice but he left out a important fact. Almost every service person has a name tag. Yet how many times a day does someone actually read it and use it. If I am talking to a cashier or some other individual who has a name tag I make sure I read the name tag and use their name in the conversation. It is common knowledge that women like to hear their names. Make sure you make eye contact when saying her name. She will not forget you anytime soon.