One Painfully Simple Reason People Have Way Less Sex Today

less sex This reason is as simple as it’s rarely mentioned – men have become way less desperate for sex and companionship and some have women. And I don’t use “desperate” in a pejorative way at all. Male eagerness for pursuing women and sex is as old as humanity itself, and it is essential to the very existence of romantic connections of every kind, but it has taken a number of serious and arguably fatal blows lately.

From extreme feminism and anti-harassment laws that stigmatize every type of advance or compliment, however tasteful and subtle it might beporn, to obsession with social media and online dating, video games, proliferation of porn of every kind, and otherwise paying way too much attention to what’s going on in their smartphone -this is the first generation of men who have been distracted from chasing women by all of these other things. And, it surely doesn’t help that women are becoming more and more unapproachable, as they probably never cared less about being approached than today, beliving that they can get all the attention from their online admirers.

Yes, relationships are not all about sex, but let’s be honest (with ourselves) -sexual intereste is the source and the single biggest incentive for men to pursue women on every level. A man won’t bother to get to know a woman if he doesn’t want her physically badly enough, so it’s all interconnected. MGTOW and alike movements that validate men’s distancing themselves from women further encourage men to focus on things other than women.

I don’t have a solution to propose to correct this sexual apathy, but numbers that show decline in sex don’t lie. This problem is definitely here.  But, perhaps for starters  more people need to simply notice this and acknowledge that it’s an issue before any meaningful tranformation takes place to bring the excitement of sexual persuit back into modern human experience.  On the other hand – how can younger people who are supposed to be at their sexual peak see that something is missing if they have never lived in different times and have no idea what they are missing?

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