How Sleeping Around With Different Guys Downgrades Your Life

(Last Updated On: 09/23/2015)

promiscuous woman sleeping aroundWomen who lead a promiscuous lifestyle are often judged by men and the society in general. However, no one really bothers to specifically explain why it’s such a bad idea for women to sleep around with different guys without having any other meaningful connection with them. In this day and age, when a woman no longer needs to wait for guys to come up to her and talk to her, and she can meet dozens of guys a day online, it seems logical to many girls that the more guys they go out with, date and take for a spin, the more likely they are to find Mr. Right. After all, they believe that just like searching for anything else – finding the right guy is a numbers game. The question is at what cost will this be done, and what will be the consequences of that kind of lifestyle?

It’s easy to tell a woman who has been around the block when you see one. She is not just cynical, but she is profoundly jaded from inside out. You can tell that she has lost all hope in true love and romance. It’s not a numbers game for her any longer. She is no longer disappointed when the guy she slept with didn’t even bother to text her and tell her that he had a good time, let alone called her the next day. She doesn’t even expect this anymore. She starts questioning her ability to fall in love in a way that she has been reading about and fantasizing about seemingly not so long ago. This is a sad path to follow to find out that promiscuity makes a woman emotionally unavailable and at least temporarily unable to develop strong feelings of attachment toward a guy.

Is there a way out? One would assume that the only way out is to take a break from dating and from sex for a while – a few months at least. An interest in dating, sex, and male companionship must be reborn and rejuvenated before a woman will be ready to go back to meeting and dating guys again.

Once she is back after taking a break, she needs to be more picky. I know, I know – every girl loves to talk about how picky she is, but in reality – they are not picky enough.  They go out on dates all too often for no good reason. You don’t need to be that generous. It’s good to be open minded and not dismiss guys prematurely, but this doesn’t mean that you have to go out with every single guy who asks you out or who messages you on Facebook, OkCupid, Match, etc… You must stop being a butterfly , wasting time and energy on dates that you know from your experience will not go anywhere at all – they will not even lead to a satisfying sexual fling.

You might have made a mistake of sleeping around with too many guys too soon for whatever reason, be it being on a rebound or needing a boost in self-esteem. By trying to go back to a place where sex is something special to you, which is reserved for someone special, you will be much happier, even if it means being single and lonely for a while before you find that guy. This doesn’t that you have to save yourself for Mr. Right, but this does mean that at the very least you have to really like the person and be attracted to him physically and otherwise before you become intimate with him.

Some women sleep around out of revenge or out desire to get even with men. They say “If guys sleep around, then I might as well not wait around for anyone and I will do the same.” That argument overlooks one important part – sleeping around actually makes many guys happy, at least at one point in their life. It doesn’t have the same effect on most women. Therefore, by trying to get even, you will likely end up being even a bigger loser.

I would venture to guess that for some taking a break from casual dating and sex isn’t going to restore their ability to love, care and develop an attachment, and in some cases that damage of promiscuity will be irreversible or partially irreversible, but it is still worth trying.

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