Three Reasons Dating Mature Women Is A Good Idea

(Last Updated On: 02/12/2016)

dating mature women and older womenThere are objective, compelling reasons why the a more mature woman (30’s and over) is likely to be a better dating partner than the younger women:

1. Women Who are Past Their 20’s Have Higher Sex Drive and Are Nicer

It’s a biological fact that women’s sexual prime is around their early to mid thirties and through their 40’s. Don’t take my word for it and don’t rely on statistics. Just ask a few women in their 30’s and 40’s to look back at their life and tell you when they wanted sex the most. There is a huge difference between dating a woman who is ok with sex or even worse – who basically rewards you with sex for your good behavior without enjoying it that much herself, and a woman who actually wants sex as much as you do or even more. Because these older women have higher sex driver, they are generally nicer to men. This is because a woman who wants something from men is generally going to be friendlier than a woman who is cold and who has no physical need for to be close with a male.

2. Dating Mature Women Can Be More Fun Because They Are More Reliable and Less Flaky

Unlike women in their 20’s, older women start realizing that they can’t wait forever for Mr. Perfect. They can’t afford playing hard to get and play games like high school and college girls do. They understand that they better enjoy what they can today instead of worrying too much about how the guy they meet will fit into their “perfect” life plan a month, a year or 10 years from now. Therefore, these women are also less flaky. This doesn’t mean that older women are necessarily more promiscuous. It does mean, however, that their life experience and dating experiences makes it much more clear to them what they want and what they wish to avoid. Older women have less time to play games, such as making it look like they are unavailable when they are. They are also likely to return your phone calls, e-mails and text messages more promptly, than their younger, less reliable counterparts.

3. Older Women Appreciate Love More 

A woman who has been dating for 10-15 or more years knows how difficult it is to find someone she really likes and has a connection with, and where the guy feels the same about her. When she meets that special guy, she is going to appreciate him much more, because she knows how rare what she found is. She will be a more generous lover. This also means that she is likely to be more forgiving and more willing to work through whatever issues she might have with that guy, instead of just giving up and moving onto the next one, like the younger girls do, who feel and believe, based on their experience, that their options with guys are virtually unlimited, and if things don’t work out with one, they have 10 other guys interested in them at the same time.

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