Dating Profiles – Personality v Bad Pictures / Being Overweight

dating profile photographerA female client, who used our dating profile review service, suggested that her wit and eloquence, which admittedly shine through her profile, make up for her less than flattering pictures, so she shouldn’t be concerned about her photos and looks. I had to convince her that she is wrong.  From a typical man’s point of view – personality is an icing on the cake, but if the cake – decent or above looks and body – is missing, no cherry is big enough to make up for it.

You don’t even have to be super hot, but you definitely have to be attractive enough for the guy to want to get to know your personality after he sees your picture. Obviously, there is only so much anyone can do to improve their looks. The good news for women is that if you are no overweight and if you have a fit body, chances are you are attractive enough to draw most men’s attention and make them want to find out more about you. And body is something that just about every woman can work to improve, if she has to. And the same applies to guys, at least in the online dating world. The chances of a typical girl responding to a message of a guy who has a beer gut and a bloated face are quite low.

The girl in this case could lose about 20-30 lbs, which would not only make her body more attractive but it would also make her facial features much more defined and attractive. Once she loses that extra weight, and once both her body and her face become less round, she will have someone who knows how to take good pictures help her make new flattering photos of her that would make her new good features shine through.

This particular client is destined to succeed in large part because she is remarkably open to, and genuinely appreciative of, this kind of harsh approach on my part. Instead of getting defensive and telling me that she is just going to stay the way she is, and she is not going to change for anyone because she is “beautiful on the inside”, like many others in her place would, she agreed that losing weight is essential to making her more attractive and improving her dating life. This alone of course will not guarantee that she will meet prince charming as soon as she reaches her target weight, but it will surely increase her options of the guys that show interest in her and who she can date.

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